Basic measures for successful business communication

In our opinion, these are the most important communication methods for a successful strategic dialogue with your target groups when marketing industrial goods.

The marketing tools in this check list have proven themselves time and again with countless clients!

Basics and Planning

  • Unique, regularly maintained press distributor in Call Centre Software (CRM)
  • Key account approach for specialist, economic and public press
  • Effective cross-linking of strategies with meaningful project management plans
  • Identifying marketing themes of long-term media interest
  • Media cooperation

Editorial Services

  • News items
  • Basic press kits
  • Comprehensive research reports of key themes
  • Technical articles
  • Matrixes services
  • Inserts and attachments

Event PR

  • Promotion days
  • Info trucks
  • Moving exhibitions
  • Special treats for journalists (in event style)
  • Application of campaigning tools and guerilla
  • Marketing activities

Attention-grabbing Power Point charts

  • Conceptualisation and development
  • Training course documentation
  • Strategic presentations

Round-the-clock care

  • Footage material for TV and radio
  • Transmission-ready radio PR items
  • Informational charts
  • Compilation of press photos
  • “What type are you?” checklist
  • Ready for use lesson material

Web support

  • Online press centre
  • Infotainment online games

Measurable communications success

  • Definition of communicative target figures
  • Application of planning and controlling tools
  • Image building according to set targets
  • Fee dependent upon performance
  • Monitoring of the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing activities

Professional media research

  • Comprehensive research in the largest archives
  • Preparation of information and documents

Image brochure

  • Layout and content
  • For mailing
  • At trade fairs
  • Use in sales

Product advertising

  • Product data sheet
  • Product catalogue
  • Product brochures
  • (Each professionally edited and illustrated with product illustrations)

Standardised corporate identity

  • Development of a corporate identity (Who are we?)
  • Development of a corporate design (How do we look?)

Employee magazine

  • Information for employees
  • Positive influence on performance
  • Also international
  • Classical print or electronic delivery
  • 4x a year

Advertisements in the specialist press

  • Design
  • Slogans
  • Organisation

Company homepage

  • Design focussed
  • Current
  • Easily editable
  • Easily found in search engines

Specialist press work

  • 6-12 press releases per year
  • With photoshoots/on-site reporting
  • Customer/user stories
  • Follow-up by journalists
  • Monitoring of success

Basic press kit

  • Photos
  • Press releases
  • Facts & Figures
  • Quotes

Customer newsletter

  • On sales support
  • To existing and potential customers
  • Attractive design
  • Interesting up-to-date content
  • Delivery by post or e-mail
  • At least 4x a year and 1A4 side in length
  • Alternative: customer magazine

Cross selling of communications channels

  • Newsletter advertises website
  • Website advertises new product
  • Press releases mention the latest newsletter etc.

Take advantage of the existing synergies within your organisation

  • Technical press releases transformed into newsletter articles
  • Homepage shows press releases and publications
  • Sales uses colour-printed press articles for customers
  • Photos from information broschure for the company homepage