10 great Reasons to choose ofischer communication

1. Emotional public relations and branding for industrial products

We speak to the heart in B2B communications for the metal industry, mechanical engineering and plant engineering. We make complicated topics attractive and easily understood. Our success lies in emotionalising complex information, waking the interest of the specific target group.

2. Comprehensive knowledge of the industry

As specialists focusing on industrial and capital goods marketing and public
relations, we know the trade-appropriate processes and the technical terminology. Our experience in B2B communications range from specific strategies for small businesses to company-wide planned corporate communications.

3. International pr campaigns

With the ever-increasing significance of foreign trade, a strong partner for international marketing and country-specific PR campaigns is vital. ofischer communication supplies on an international level individual marketing and communications concepts and strategies.

4. Standing by your side

We are always available for our clients. Not only do we support you in times of success, but we also know what to do in times of crisis. We do not avoid challenges - we approach them openly and at a personal level.

5. Creating a systematic, strategic and emotional process

Our consultants design optimal solutions, focusing on the individual strategic
goals and operative needs of our clients. Most important: we offer clients measurable results - and a higher return on investments. If we succeed in this aim, you succeed in your business, and a win-win situation is achieved.

6. Sharing our expertise

Our success is based on the success of our customers, and at ofischer communication, we believe in sharing our knowledge and experience with our clients. We summarize issues of interest for our customers, always asking „why?“. We present clear, concise information with measurable results. We believe you need to give to get, which is why we offer hints and tips on our weblog, and if you need more training, our consultants and trainers can help.

7. Cutting-edge technology

At ofischer communication, we believe in being on top of the latest technologies. Our highly accurate CRM database is the foundation of our expertise. We are in close contact with journalists, guaranteeing accurate and comprehensive data for our customers. We test the winds of the Internet and understand the difference between true change and periodic trends, implementing the most effective programme to help our clients reach their goals.

8. Best business practice

Being our customer, you should not have to deal with unnecessary details. We are open with our clients and believe the best business relationship is one in which both parties respect one another. All of our fees and services are clearly defined in our contracts, and if additional actions are necessary, the conditions pertaining to these will be discussed and approved in time.

9. Proven track record

With almost 10 years of experience, our PR agency has a niche in the fields of emotional public relations for industrial products, press relations with specialized media and industrial goods marketing. Google has ranked us among the top ten for these services for years. Publications and websites like PR-Journal, maschine + werkzeug, Indukom and NC Fertigung have reported on our success, including ways to develop more efficient and effective communication strategies.

10. Professional team

With almost 15 years of experience in PR, our agency‘s founder has established himself as an expert in the fields of emotional public relations and industrial marketing communications. Our team offers a winning combination of business brainpower, sharp marketing skills, creative talent, IT know-how and extensive experience - all the skills needed.