Media Planning (Advertisement Positioning)

Target group: (potential) customers

A clear concept dealing with positioning advertisements in the industrial media. For generating a maximum number of potential customers with the advertising budget. The best aspect: ofischer communication charges no fees for this service. We invest a fixed sum dictated by our customer and earn our fees with the purchasing discounts from the publishing houses..

Your unique advantage

We take care of all advertisements at no extra cost to our customer.

1. Planning for one whole year.
2. Professional consultation on positioning of advertisements in market and branch-orientated titles. Activities are handled by our media professionals, who know their way around in the media landscape.
3. We take over the job at no extra cost - our efforts are financed by the purchasing discounts paid by the publishing houses.
4. No complicated formatting of the advertising templates and proofs - ofischer communication does the work for you.
5. All sales calls from the magazines go directly to ofischer communication.

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