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1. b2b PR  
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2. Industrial PR  
Your unique advantage Increase company and brand recognition as well as general publicity within one year. Using a key account approach, topics are distributed to the industrial press resulting in...  
3. International PR network  
International PR network Which agency construct? Central control through ofischer communication Research in the local company offices Formation of an international network of correspondents with...  
4. PR Agency  
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5. PR Monitoring  
Monitoring and measurability in industrial PR with clipping service [Translate to English:] Simple review for your performance in the industrial press (monthly fee) Sighting free admissions of...  
6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for industrial goods Specialized on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we take care of all the Google/Bing/Yahoo needs for our b2b customers. We also optimize your...  
7. Speaker Opportunities  
  Top Speaker Opportunities [PDF] Successful workfow 1a. Consulting on conference topics: Which are the best for our customer‘s board of management? 1b. Looking for your favourite conferences,...  
8. Contact us  
Adress-Snippet ENGLISH Headquarters in Bonn, Germany ofischer communication Rosenweg 12 D-53225 Bonn Phone and Fax Sales: +49-228-97 63 56-20 Head office: ...  
9. Checklists for Marketing and PR  
ofischer communication checklists direct your energies Checklists: Basic strategies for successful business communication Those who wish to be heard, seen and taken seriously at all by their target...  
10. Newsletter-Campaigns  
Sales-Orientated Newsletter Campaigns Target group: (potential) customers, media Strategy Personalised distribution of information from our customer to decision-makers in the target group. News in...  
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