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1. Employee Communication  
Motivating Employee Communication Employees are the hidden asset of a company. Through strategic corporate communications with a focus on internal and employee communications, a more efficient use of...  
2. Industrial PR  
Your unique advantage Increase company and brand recognition as well as general publicity within one year. Using a key account approach, topics are distributed to the industrial press resulting in...  
3. Basic strategy check list  
Cross selling of communications channels Newsletter advertises website Website advertises new product Press releases mention the latest newsletter etc. Take advantage of the existing synergies...  
4. Checklists for Marketing and PR  
ofischer communication checklists direct your energies Checklists: Basic strategies for successful business communication Those who wish to be heard, seen and taken seriously at all by their target...  
5. Newsletter-Campaigns  
Your unique advantage Direct and personal contact to the target group with comparatively low costs. The sales department will love this! 1. Directly address the target group. Personal contact to...  
6. PR Agency  
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7. Price list  
Clear and easy-to-understand pricing structure ofischer communication offers a choice of pricing options to suit your business requirements: Fixed price for comprehensive package Billed...  
8. 10 great Reasons to choose ofischer communication  
10 great Reasons to choose ofischer communication 1. Emotional public relations and branding for industrial products We speak to the heart in B2B communications for the metal industry, mechanical...  
9. b2b PR  
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10. Speaker Opportunities  
  Top Speaker Opportunities [PDF] Successful workfow 1a. Consulting on conference topics: Which are the best for our customer‘s board of management? 1b. Looking for your favourite conferences,...  
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