ofischer communication, the agency for emotional public relations for subjects in need of explanation™ from Bonn, makes complicated topics attractive and easily understood. This goes especially for B2B communication, for example in the metal industry, mechanical engineering or plant engineering, where complicated content can often only be understood by insiders. “Through creative conceptualisations we succeed in emotionalising complex information. We speak to the heart, waking the interest of the specific target groups”, says marketing expert and agency owner Oliver Fischer.

“Our aim is always a positive change in attitudes, opinions and behaviour. Our experiences in B2B and B2C communication range from specific strategies for small businesses to company-wide strategically planned corporate communication.” We have specialised in the marketing of industrial and capital goods.

The marketing and PR agency ofischer communication was founded in Cologne, Germany in 2001.

Our Story

We are the leading PR- and Communications agency. Specialising in industrial communications for german speaking Europe. With expansion possibilities to the following countries:

  • Austria
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • USA

An established agency with a trained team
ofischer communication was founded in 2001 in Cologne, Germany. Oliver Fischer is the owner and executive director of the agency and has a Masters degree in Communications. He has been a journalist for Germanys most acclaimed daily newspaper, the BILD and was editor in chief and chief of staff of one of the leading German pr agencies specialising in financial and political publications and communications.

ofischer communication possesses a professional team of trained and educated technical journalists, that are responsible for key accounts and specific areas of management expertise.

Our strengths: Emotional Public Relations for industrial products and branding

ofischer communication has developed a customer relationship marketing (CRM) database with 19.000 addresses. This database can be totally customized to reach different target groups.

We use this database to target two important business segments – the first being, industry specific employees, management and representatives. The second being classic public relations, which is targeting the editors, journalists and freelancers of the industrial press.

Succesfull marketing plans and speaker opportunities

ofischer communication specialises in developing marketing plans and initiatives for international industrial companies. We have extensive experience in introducing new brands or strengthening existing brands in the European, American and Russian communities.

We organize speaker opportunities for managers and board members to present at conferences. This offers a possibility for networking with other international top managers worldwide. 

Individual PR-campaigns 

ofischer communication customises individual PR-campaigns to fit your companies needs and to reach your sales targets. Each campaign is discussed with you, pinpointing your companies goals and strategies for a succesfull market introduction.

Every campaign is accompanied by statistics, that will show you how many people in your target group you have reached and how often you have reached them.

ofischer communication consults individuality with you, when your product should be launched and time intervals to gain best market response.

Our goal

Our goal is to offer your company a complete pr- and communication strategy which will guarantee you results and a name in your target groups within twelve months. Simply: A higher return on investment.

10 great Reasons to choose ofischer communication

Our Story

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